Download youtube videos without youtube downloader

Hello friends,

i am today going to tell you how you can download youtube videos without  “youtube downloader”.

i will show you the steps how you can download it which are as follows.

STEP 1 :-


open your default browser (not chrome or something, it will not work with chrome etc).

STEP 2 :-


open and you be displayed the youtube website as shown in the image.

STEP 3 :-


search the video you want to download in the search bar.

STEP 4 :-


your video will start streaming.

STEP 5 :-


click on the URL and write ‘ss’ after ‘m.’

STEP 6 :-


you be transferred to this kind of window. Here you can select the type of video quality you want.

STEP 7 :-


after the selection of appropriate video quality click on the download tab and your download will start.


Gadgets that ruled 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen 2015 year has been a great year for new inventions. Many new gadgets have been invented this year so I bring you the best 5 inventions of 2015


Hoverboard is one of the best inventions of 2015. Its very easy to use and very comfortable. Yes you might fall once or twice but its worth it. It works as follows :-

if you want to forward, lean little bit forward. If you want to stop you have to lean bit backward. If you want to turn left press your left foot a bit and same goes for right foot. Its come with the charger and user manual. It can reach the speed of 10mph. when it reaches such a speed your board will make beep sound that tells you that it’s the limit. It can work for 4-5 hours on a single charge. The disadvantage of this board is it that it gets scratched easily. Its price starts from 200dollorshover2


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