iOS Apps which changed Appworld..

Mid 2017 is over and there are lots of apps launched in the app world. Some useful and some……you know what i want to say. Here i am presenting the nicest iOS apps which changed the app world .


FLIGHTRADAR24 Pro is an universal app which works on iPad and iPhone. When you start this program it grabs your location and shows all the planes near you. This app is an real time app so the planes along with path. When you clock on the plane symbol, it will show all the information of the plane along with its current speed and at what height its flying.
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iOS Games You Must Play

Hello ! Hello ! Hello iOS users, These post is for the game lovers. There are many games in iOS you might be playing but i bring the nicest iOS games you must be playing this year or coming year. This are the most addictive games which includes puzzle, arcade and  action games.



Horizon chase

HORIZON CHASE is one of the top 10 games of the year. it is racing game inspired from 80s and 90s racing games like top gear, out run etc. Reason why you should play horizon chase:

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3 android apps make Iphone users jealous

1} Muzei

Muzei is an android app which changes your home screen into a “living museum”. It is a live wallpaper app that changes your home into different famous work of art each day. Same way you can choose your favorite photos froom your gallery . muzei will rotate through your favorite photos every few hours.

price :- free


2} Hoverchat

hoverchat is messaging app that lets you continue your conversations even while you are using another app or watching movie or video or while playing games. By deciding how transparent you wwant your messaging window to be, you can customize your messaging to fit what you are upto.

price:- free


3} Cereberus anti-theft

cereberus is complete one time anti-theft application, the best protection you can get to recover your lost, misplaceed or stolen android device. It is not just “find my phone” app or phone tracker, it has many unique feature that make it the perfect app to locate your phone or tablet and get back your device.

price :- free trial and 4.99$ one time upgrade


5 windows apps that make you go bazingaaaa !!!!


sometimes windows phones are resist within the apps and can’t use the apps used by android and iOS users. Here i bring the nicest windows apps and games.

1} Threes! :-

it is the addictive puzzle game that has been downloaded a lot these it you mesh numbers together to match them. Once matched, those numbers will be doubled. your goal is to match many numbers on the board before it fills up. the game has traditionally cost money but now the publisher has released the game for free(ad supported version).


2} GoPro:-

if you’re a GoPro user you need to download the official GoPro app for windows phone. with it you can completely control your wireless GoPro camera. you can start and stop recordings, adjust settings and take a photo all from within the app. the app also has powerful share features,so you can share you videos or photos directly on your social media channels on the spot.


3} Crossy Road:-

A famous game of iOS and Android comes to Windows Phone. crossy road is an unbashed ripoff of 80s arcade classic frogger, but it’s an very fun game. the retro style of the game will appeal of those nostalgic ones out there as you play various character trying to get your way across the roads, rivers and train tracks without being hit.


4} Dead Target : Zombie :-

Zombie craze is all around so who don’t like them and kill them with there own hands. Windows came up with a interesting adventure game called “dead target : zombie”. Its the game where santas are the zombies. besides santas game’s graphics and its weapon customization is impressive.


5} Duet Adventure :-

This is very addictive game. you navigate a pair of interlinked dots across of field of bar-like obstacles. when one of the dots approaches an obstacle you need to rotate it around to avoid it. the trick is as you rotate it the other dot rotates, which can put it in harms way. its puzzler entertainer.


5 iOS apps that make android users jealous


1} iMovie :-

With iMovie and an iPhone or iPad anybody can record, edit and share creative home videos. There are a whole bunch of templates making it easy to add captions, titles and special effects. You will never find iMovie in android, though can find video editing apps from google play but not as good as iMovie.


2} GarageBand:-

If iMovie truns some into a movie-maker, garageband will turn users into a musician. GarageBand is an Apple’s music creation suite that makes it possible to compose anything from a symphony to a ring tone for your iPhone, iPad or Mac. if you love music and you have an apple device you must have GarageBand.


3} Camera+ :-

The iPhone remians one of the best camera devices on the market. The photographers quickly graduate from using apple’s own camera to Camera+. It offers a range of advanced features and effects and enables much more precision in photography.


4} Steller :-

“tell a story with STELLER”

Steller is an interesting style to tell a storytelling that combines photos, text and videos. You can create your own stories using steller and share them with other people or on social media like facebook and twitter etc.


5} Humin “a smart iOS address book” :-

Humin is probably the effort at remembering people in the digital age. Described as smart iOS address book, the app collects details about how and where you met someone, from ‘met last week’ to someone who ‘lives in london’.


Top 5 Android games : what you should be playing in 2015

Clash of Clans, subway surfers, temple run etc …enough of it I bring you here most nicest game of 2015…

1} Marvel contest of champions :-

Featuring some of the greatest marvel characters ever. it is the android battle game. Battle your way through a variety of stages as you level up and unlock new characters in this epic battle.

You will  have to be running a preety modern device to play it smoothly without hanging. you can downlaod the game below link.


2} Tiltagon :-

Arcade games are a blast sometimes because of its simplicity of gameplay.

tilt fall repeat.

it is hard game where you tilt you fall.

you can downlaod the game below link.


3} Tomb raider :-

Its an action game which could be clearly seen from the picture. But there are also puzzles to solve that may grant access to hidden areas amd mew places which hold the mysteries that is connected with the story of the game.

you can download this game from below link


4} Electro Rush :-

It is kind of 3D version of the pong, but it not just only a pong game with 3D settings but it gives to play against the opponents in the tournament. it allows you to upgrade your ball and paddle.

you can download the game the from the below mentioned link.


5} Implosion – never lose hope :-

Implosion is an action game from rayark Inc, makers of cytus and deemo. It has you taking on the role of single human warrior who has been sent back to earth to stop XADA, a destructive alien race who invaded earth and took over years and years ago. you are covered by the giant weaponized mech outfit with huge sword. its graphics are immiscible. it has a n awesome gameplay and IAP which is to unlock the full game.

you can download the game from below mentioned link.