5 Gadgets you might not know about




Flitchio is gaming device for the smart phone gamers. No matter what smart phone you used to play the games the on screen controls always reduced the viewable screen. You can’t use the joystick to play the games because if you wanted to do that you would used the console. The solution is Flitchio. Flitchio is the first smart phone case with the built-in controller that uses the space on the back of the phone giving you the maximum viewing area possible on the screen the case has couple joystick on back and shoulder button on the top of  the case & best part is it doesn’t require any battery neither any Bluetooth nor WiFi connection. It connects the handset. It is easier to play games using Flitchio rather than playing on touch screen. its also used in clicking pictures can used to control the drones musics etc.

#2 THE ODIN :-


Odin is electro optical mouse which is worlds first mouse of this kind. Odin is on its way to set new revolution in mouse world. Odin is not the Thor’s dad but its like some flashing of lasers etc. it has infrared sensors which capture reflection signals and deliver high resolution to the user the device is smaller than normal mouse & provides better functionality than normal; mouse. Its only 40 gm & easy to carry  & uses little power. Its compatible with all computer like windows & mac i OS. It won’t outdate. the creators made the regular updation for this. So that the device never gets outdated. Simply plug in & use.

#3 PHREE ” Make the world your paper” :-


Phree which comes with tagline “make the world you paper”. It is an innovative new input device that lets you write draw and express things in many ways on virtually any surface “ANY”. Phree connects to all your devices phone tablet laptop, T.V etc. with the Bluetooth and phree is compatible with software & apps office one-note goggle handwriting & many more. It also function as wireless handset and has small display panel for messages the phree has thin and oval cross section which is easy to use as pen and it uses wireless charging. it also have patent OTM sensors. the beauty of this system that it attracts the motion signals optically.

#4 LUNA- The Luxury Sleeping Mask :-


luna 2

Luna – The luxury sleeping mask and this is not the ordinary sleep mask. It not only helps to have good sleep but also blocks the all sources of light but also have a programmable sunrise light to wake up from alarm. its like a personal sun that will rise wen you want. luna has eye cavity  sensor so that  the mask doesn’t touch eyes or  eyelashes you don’t need smart phone or PC to connect to Luna. Luna can actually control your dreams. we can get full control our dreams.

#5 Smart Mirror :-


smart mirror, from smart phone to smart watches from TVs to smart cars all the devices is getting smarter. The mirror is something everyone looks at everyday. The smart mirror allows the user to customize their mirror with any information they want the different module such as calender, weather date & time news feed social media etc.
hardware is like simple mirror but for software they use java etc. 21.5″ LCD with 1920/1080 resolution. it also allows gesture control.


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