Are Laptops Really Upgradable Like PCs?

As a gamer, I come across this questions a lot of time from the people who are planning to buy a new laptop for gaming. And, thinking this while buying a new PC or even laptop is very necessary. Upgradability is something which can give extra power boost after 5 or 6 years of usage of your computer or whenever you require. So, our today’s topic of discussion is are laptops really upgradable? Can we upgrade the CPU of laptop like a PC when it gets old and unusable? Can we increase the RAM of laptop?

If you’re also having all these questions then in this post you’ll get all of them answered.



First things first, Laptops were invented at the first place to provide all the PCs capabilities at the human’s feasibility. Laptops are meant to be portable and with all the new gen laptops launched day by day, I can say that laptop companies have got a lot more far in this particular objective of building the portable and lightweight computers called “laptops”.

We have thinner and lighter 11 inch ultrabooks with capabilities of computer which weren’t there in the “PC” back 5 years. We today have portable laptops with as much as performance as PC. We today have workstation laptops which can be used at harsh places like in war zone or in space by astronomers.

Upgradability – PC vs Laptop

laptop vs pc

So, laptops are doing pretty great at the objective for which they were invented but as a normal consumer we don’t want to spend much on computers or at-least for next 5-6 years after the new purchase. PCs are best at upgrading but they don’t provide portability. After 5-6 years when you start feeling that your computer is no more usable or not compatible with the new games, you can easily upgrade the CPU, GPU, RAM almost everything but when it comes to laptop you CANNOT UPGRADE CPU and GPU as they are soldered on the mother board of the laptop.

So, the remaining parts are RAM and storage. Most of the laptops (especially ultrabooks) also don’t allow to upgrade the storage. But, if you buy a gaming laptop then these days the new gaming laptops are built in such a way that you get maximum upgradability with portability. So, currently there are laptops which can upgrade storage and also RAM but still CPU and GPU aren’t upgradable.


So, now your doubts are cleared. Laptops cannot be upgraded like PCs but if portability is something that you’re considering on investing then you’ll have to give up a bit on upgradability with the laptop.

I hope that this article on laptop’s upgradability help you to decide on your next computer purchase. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week ahead.


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