iOS Games You Must Play

Hello ! Hello ! Hello iOS users, These post is for the game lovers. There are many games in iOS you might be playing but i bring the nicest iOS games you must be playing this year or coming year. This are the most addictive games which includes puzzle, arcade and  action games.



Horizon chase

HORIZON CHASE is one of the top 10 games of the year. it is racing game inspired from 80s and 90s racing games like top gear, out run etc. Reason why you should play horizon chase:

Classic arcade gameplay

Its 16-bit graphics

You can play or challenge you friends

No in-app purchases

16 unlockable cars

You can easily upgrade your car

It have 8 cups, 32 cities and 73 tracks

2.GTA library city stories:-

The East coast as GTA: library city stories is back on mobile devices. It’s remastered for iOS with graphics enhancements, touch controls , retina screen support and much more. Why you should play GTA: library city stories:-

High resolution textures and characters art

Real time lighting and shadows

Advanced gameplay

Cross platform saves via rockstar studios and much more…

3.Brothers in arms 3:-

Brothers in arms 3 is a heroic shooting game of world war 2. Its an action game. If you love the games like CS:GO or COD etc you will definitely love this game.  Download and start shooting people.

4.Gun powder:-

Rocket games brings you one of the nicest puzzle game of 2016. You play as a incendio, the hero carrying gunpowder and solve the puzzles and save the town from evil boss grimshaw.

5.Door kickers:-

Door kickers is quick tactics SWAT command game. You have to analyze the situation, prepare your own tactics and rescue the hostages and complete the level before bad guys kills you.

There are lots of games but these games had something in this, something new and something effective. I hope you all love this games. These games also works fine for Android. I will be back with more posts and information till than play hard have fun.


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