Gadgets that ruled 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen 2015 year has been a great year for new inventions. Many new gadgets have been invented this year so I bring you the best 5 inventions of 2015


Hoverboard is one of the best inventions of 2015. Its very easy to use and very comfortable. Yes you might fall once or twice but its worth it. It works as follows :-

if you want to forward, lean little bit forward. If you want to stop you have to lean bit backward. If you want to turn left press your left foot a bit and same goes for right foot. Its come with the charger and user manual. It can reach the speed of 10mph. when it reaches such a speed your board will make beep sound that tells you that it’s the limit. It can work for 4-5 hours on a single charge. The disadvantage of this board is it that it gets scratched easily. Its price starts from 200dollorshover2


Zcan wireless scanner:-

To take print of some picture or notes and work on it was amazing back in older days, but now we prefer things that can be easy to carry and user friendly. The Hong Kong based company came with great idea with their device called “ZCAN WIRELESS” the world’s first wireless scanner mouse. As name says “ZCAN wireless” is combination of wireless mouse and scanner. It not only gives you the three functionality of mouse but also gives you additional button to use it as the scanner. If you want to scan something you just have to move mouse on that respective photo or details etc and and share it on social media or can be directly translate it to text, excel etc. it also helps you to translate one language into another with the help of google translator, so you can easily scan languages written in magazine etc.              maxresdefault


2015 was all about drones, but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s not worth buying. LILY solves this problem. Not only lily doesn’t require any proper knowledge of flying drone but also it requires no setup. Just throw the lily in the air and it will start following you as well as it will start filming you. It also takes off from your hand and land on the ground if you want it to. The drone carries a located device that acts as a tracking device which you get it with drone. The built in censor helps to follow the tracking device as well as ensures that the camera is pointed in correct position. It is light in weight and records the video in full HD and capable of taking 12megapixel photo. It has front facing camera rear facing camera and micro sd card slot. All in all lily is a great product which is well suited for action sport lovers.lily-drone-03-670x402


Hololens can convert every room in your house into personalized video game level. You just wear it and start playing. It knows each and every object in your room and can be used while playing. While hologram in your hand you can move according to your comfort. It will make you feel like you are in the game. For gamers this hololens is one of the best gaming gadget.          microsoft-holo-lens-660x330

Pantelligent :-

Who don’t like food but sometimes cooking food gets boring. “is it cooked?”, you get distracted while cooking etc. pantelligent helps you cook perfectly. It is nothing but a pan like other pans but as soon as you get the pantelligent mobile app you get power of chef. Just give the info of the food and pantelligent will tell you the further instructions. It can measure the temperature of the pan and how much it need to cook food. Pantelligent is nothing but a pan with brains.pantelligent


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