Apps launched in October 2015

Hello people, October ended no shave November started and the new range of apps also started. Here i present you the best apps launched in October 2015. These apps will help you while driving, reminding things, listening to the music etc here it is


Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-59-20 Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-59-27 Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-59-34 Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-59-41

DRIVE-MODE is a driving app with “no look” interface that allows you to use your phone without losing the focus on road while driving. When you open the app it makes you login and if you are using for the first time you have to sign up. When you are done with signing in you will be asked to enter your address (which is skip-able). It very easy to use when swipe left there will be option ‘settings’, then you can swipe up-down for other options like ‘navigation’, ‘music’ and ‘contacts’ which are the normal needs while driving. You don’t have to even look at the screen because every option has different color background and also have voice which tells you about the option you chose. It’s very user friendly app.


ww1 ww2 ww3

WONDER WALL is a gallery which gives you the best nature and landscape photographs available which you can make your wallpaper. It also gives you the information by whom photo is been uploaded. It also gives the AUTO-SET option which brings you the wallpapers to your phone automatically without having to set yourself. When set it to ‘auto-set’ you will get other options like ‘source’, ‘category’ and ‘data usage’. You can manage it yourselves its easy to use



INSTADICT lets you view a word’s meaning anywhere, just copy the word and shake the phone and the meaning is in front of you. No need interrupt what you are doing. You have to download offline dictionary too from the INSTADICT.

4} SPYLCE :-

Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-58-36 Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-57-05

“the most beautiful music player with magical DJ powers” well that’s what the play store. Let’s see how magical it is. Well its bit awkward to use mostly for the first-timers. It is mostly for the DJ, mix songs lovers not for the people who love to hear whole song but yeah you can hear whole songs too. It gives you six different colors of backgrounds, in which order you want to listen songs like from low BPMs to high BPMs and vice versa. It’s beautiful to watch and use too. But as said it for DJ and mix songs lover but at the end of the day its nice app.



CLICK ME  helps us to set reminders easily. Here you have to set a reminder of the things you want do like share a picture in 20 minutes or call someone after 10 minutes etc.Here are some reviews of this app:- “This is faster than most calendar apps or to-do lists” “The app helps you capture any reminder in a matter of seconds, and is one of the best apps in its field”

Android Police: “Perfect for when you’re busy and need to call someone back, but inevitably forget”

This were my best apps list for October 2015, hope you find this apps useful and so as my post. stay tuned for more updates. Till then STAY GEEKY


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