5 windows apps that make you go bazingaaaa !!!!


sometimes windows phones are resist within the apps and can’t use the apps used by android and iOS users. Here i bring the nicest windows apps and games.

1} Threes! :-

it is the addictive puzzle game that has been downloaded a lot these days.in it you mesh numbers together to match them. Once matched, those numbers will be doubled. your goal is to match many numbers on the board before it fills up. the game has traditionally cost money but now the publisher has released the game for free(ad supported version).


2} GoPro:-

if you’re a GoPro user you need to download the official GoPro app for windows phone. with it you can completely control your wireless GoPro camera. you can start and stop recordings, adjust settings and take a photo all from within the app. the app also has powerful share features,so you can share you videos or photos directly on your social media channels on the spot.


3} Crossy Road:-

A famous game of iOS and Android comes to Windows Phone. crossy road is an unbashed ripoff of 80s arcade classic frogger, but it’s an very fun game. the retro style of the game will appeal of those nostalgic ones out there as you play various character trying to get your way across the roads, rivers and train tracks without being hit.


4} Dead Target : Zombie :-

Zombie craze is all around so who don’t like them and kill them with there own hands. Windows came up with a interesting adventure game called “dead target : zombie”. Its the game where santas are the zombies. besides santas game’s graphics and its weapon customization is impressive.


5} Duet Adventure :-

This is very addictive game. you navigate a pair of interlinked dots across of field of bar-like obstacles. when one of the dots approaches an obstacle you need to rotate it around to avoid it. the trick is as you rotate it the other dot rotates, which can put it in harms way. its puzzler entertainer.



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