5 iOS apps that make android users jealous


1} iMovie :-

With iMovie and an iPhone or iPad anybody can record, edit and share creative home videos. There are a whole bunch of templates making it easy to add captions, titles and special effects. You will never find iMovie in android, though can find video editing apps from google play but not as good as iMovie.


2} GarageBand:-

If iMovie truns some into a movie-maker, garageband will turn users into a musician. GarageBand is an Apple’s music creation suite that makes it possible to compose anything from a symphony to a ring tone for your iPhone, iPad or Mac. if you love music and you have an apple device you must have GarageBand.


3} Camera+ :-

The iPhone remians one of the best camera devices on the market. The photographers quickly graduate from using apple’s own camera to Camera+. It offers a range of advanced features and effects and enables much more precision in photography.


4} Steller :-

“tell a story with STELLER”

Steller is an interesting style to tell a storytelling that combines photos, text and videos. You can create your own stories using steller and share them with other people or on social media like facebook and twitter etc.


5} Humin “a smart iOS address book” :-

Humin is probably the effort at remembering people in the digital age. Described as smart iOS address book, the app collects details about how and where you met someone, from ‘met last week’ to someone who ‘lives in london’.



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