Gadgets :- concept of new tech in 2015

1} SONDORS :-  It is concepted as most affordable e-bike. It is fully electric so no pedalling is require to get it started. Its 350W motor offers speed upto 20mph and can travel upto 50 miles in single charge. it costs upto 649$.


2} AMPL:- this award winning back pack is “world’s best back-pack”. it contains integrated chargers and USB ports in its every pocket. charging can be controlled from your smartphone, without opening your bag. it also have shock absorbers and water resistant coating.


3}  PLEN-2 :-

PLEN-2 is humanoid robot which is small enough to stand on your desk. This bot can show you some moves like dancing, even copying human movement when connected additional sensor suit tech. its “first printable open source humanoid”. it costs upto 499$.

plen 2

3} Smart rope :-

The LED smart rope syncs with your smart phone and calculate the jumps and calories burned. it costs upto 60$.

pr_13 smart rope

5} NEEO ” the thinking remote”:-

With big houses it becomes difficult to manage different component like lights, T.V etc. NEEO connects with your home networks and do your job in one click.


much more gadgets coming soon….




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